Ghent Neighborhood Watch

The past year has been very stressful and has taken its toll on just about every aspect of our lives. Although we haven’t been overrun with crime in our community, we haven’t been immune to it either. We are hopefully nearing the end of the pandemic and will slowly see things return to normal, but with a year of disconnection from each other and with many neighbors new to Ghent & Trolley Run, it might be a good time to reset and remind everyone of the most basic tenet of crime prevention: Get the police involved.

Whenever you observe suspicious activity, have been the victim of a crime, or see a crime in progress, please call the police!

In-progress EMERGENCY DIAL 911
New Bern Police Non-emergency: (252) 633-2020

The New Bern Police Department would rather get multiple calls concerning the same incident than no calls at all. This is not an imposition on their time; it is what they do, and they do it very well as long as we are willing to help them.

As COVID numbers continue to trend down and vaccines become more available, we hope to be able to schedule an “in person” Neighborhood Watch meeting within the next few months. In the meantime, if you would like more information or want to step up and take a more active role, please contact me at 252-876-8267 or

– Blaine Staat