City & Other Information

Gentle reminder trees on private property need approval from the City before being removed: “Tree(s) not located within the City right-of-way only require approval if the tree is located within the Downtown Historic District, The Riverside Historic District, The Ghent Neighborhood, and any commercial development.” Section 15-379. – Procedural requirements for removal of trees in certain areas (pdf).

Ghent and Trolley Run are in Ward 1 and 3, Voting Place: YMCA

Ward 1 Alderman: Sabrina Bengel
Phone: 252-514-5734

Ward 3 Alderman: Bobby Aster (Trolley Run)
Phone: 252-649-4100

Police non-emergency number: 252-633-2020
Fire/Police Emergency: 911 – Text 911 (text if you cannot call)
Fire Dept : 252-639-2931 (information)

New Bern Public Works: 252-639-7501

Development Services: 252-639-7581 (Enforces code and code violations such as no parking/driving on the median, no debris on median, permitting to take down private trees in a Historic District Overlay.)

New Bern Parks and Recreation: 252-639-2901 (Responsible for maintaining our median – mowing, edging, and public right-of-way trees, and tree belt.)

New Bern Animal Control – Animal Complaint: 252-633-2020 | Non-emergency: 252-672-4215
Craven County Animal Shelter: 252-637-4606
To report injured wildlife: 252-638-4646
Animal Control Ordinances (pdf)

Sanitation Pickup: Weekly on Tuesdays (very early in the morning)
Curbside Bulk and Yard Waste Pickup: Weekly on Wednesdays and sometimes on Tuesdays!! “Place bulk waste out by 6 a.m. on your scheduled day in one neat pile away from your residential trash cart, recycling container, car, guide wires, trees, fences and away from power or utility sources (in-ground or overhead). Do not place in the street or on the concrete sidewalk.”
More Info on Trash, Recycling & Bulk Pickup

Recycling: Monthly, every 4th Wednesday – schedule (yellow)